Jackie Cole 


Jackie Cole is a Sacramento native, joining the VG Consulting team in March 2017. Her passion is in bringing an environmental justice and social equity focus to projects, as well as developing collaboration within underserved communities to engage with regional decision-makers. She specializes in community organizing, community development, and project management.


Jackie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from CSU Sacramento. Prior to working with VG Consulting, she was at EcoConsult, ClimatePlan, and Tre Borden & Co.

She can be reached at jackie@vgconsulting.org

Katie Valenzuela 


Katie Valenzuela is passionate about helping neighborhood leaders be active participants in decision-making, specializing in organic engagement processes that focus on collaboration, shared ownership, and social equity. She founded Veritable Good Consulting to better partner with advocates and community groups to advance systems change.


Katie left the firm in May 2017 to work for Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia and the Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies.

She can be reached at kbvale@gmail.com.

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