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Current Projects

Stockton Blvd Plan: Neighborhood Planning

Developing community action plans for the surrounding neighborhood along the Stockton Blvd corridor that include implementation measured and funding recomendations.

Taxi On Road

Stockton Blvd Corridor Study: Transportation Planning

The Stockton Blvd Corridor study is looking for ways to make the road safer for the surrounding residents. Communities have already expressed that they want more inviting spaces that let them spend time outside in their neighborhoods. Stockton Blvd has 2 of the 5 Vision Zero hot spots in Sacramento, which means the most dangerous if you are walking or biking near the main road.

Climate Change Banners

Sacramento Mayor's Climate Commission

The goal of the Sacramento Mayor’s Climate Commission is to execute strategies to reach carbon neutrality by 2045. Sacramento has recognized that low income families and communities will be the most affected by global climate change.

City Sky

Sacramento City General Plan Update- 2040

The 2040 General Plan update will focus on how the City plans to grow in the next 20 years. It will address sustainable growth, climate change, economic development, and most importantly environmental justice. Low income families and communities are slated to be prioritized in the policies made in the General Plan Update.

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