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Community Engagement 

​The idea of community engagement has changed. Authentic community engagement is an ongoing dialogue with the people we serve. We focus not only on gathering data, but also active listening with community members. We specialize in community outreach strategies that center relationship building.


We aim to provide safe spaces for discussing socially complex issues. The main objective for us is to make people comfortable enough to express the the concerns that decision makers need to hear. We want everyone to have an opportunity to speak out, be heard and to share. We believe that what sets us apart is our genuine interest and investment in the outcomes of our projects. Community voice is what builds the communities we want to see.


We examine community concerns and make institutional recommendations on addressing complex issues in a way that aligns community organizations, agencies, and stakeholders toward the common goal of equitable, multi-perspective solutions. Too often, equity is an afterthought, something decision-makers sprinkle atop strategic plans after they are formed. At VG, we advocate for and help to implement an equity lens that ensures the mission of repairing historical inequities is built into the framework of organizational operations. 

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